Carpet Cleaning in Chevy Chase

Is it Worth Paying for Expensive Carpet Cleaning Services?

There is no denying the importance of keeping your carpet clean. As you browse around, you will find numerous services offering carpet cleaning services. Each service competes with the others in offering affordable and effective cleaning services. A lot of add-on services are offered by these services for an extra fee and it is up to the customer to determine whether they want to spend on pricey services.

At Hippo Cleaning Services (AKA:Carpet Cleaning Chevy Chase) we believe in honesty and fair pricing, so we can match any offer you get and provide a full refund policy

Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning

Dry cleaning method is used by most of the carpet cleaning services as it does not involve rinsing and the carpet remains dry. Steam cleaning involves using liquid to clean the carpets. Carpets take a longer time to dry. If you want to opt for dry cleaning method, you may have to pay more. If you are not in a hurry, you can save on this extra cost.

Green - Eco Cleaning

Hippo Cleaning Services offers Eco cleaning options. We offer optimum protection for your carpet and environment by using gentle cleansing agents that are toxin-free. This service comes at free of charge and is recommended if you have small children or a family member prone to allergies.

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Particle Shield Guard

Depending on where the carpet is placed and the amount of traffic in that area, it may accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. Hippo Cleaning Services offers a special shield guard that ensures that the carpets do not gather dirt fast. You can avail of this special service that comes at an extra cost based on factors such as the amount of traffic in the area where the carpet is and your affordability.

Our team of experts are waiting for your call, we provide same day service, so call now and enjoy your clean carpet dry and smelling good by evening time. Call Now 240-752-9484

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